Up for a challenge?

Are you an analytical thinker who loves technology, enjoys learning and solving problems?

If so, joining Zerosource might be the start of a rewarding and challenging career in cybersecurity.

As a technical cybersecurity consultant at Zerosource, you'll learn to think like a hacker to identify security vulnerabilities in software, and work with application developers to secure their products against the ever-growing multitude of cyber threats. Play a part in our mission to make our connected world safer.

Interested in becoming part of our team? Solve the challenges below and you'll learn how to reach us ;)

Challenge 1

What group of letters comes next in the following sequence?

indian acific ctic thern ...

Challenge 2

I created a mnemonic to remember the order of some things, but I forgot what "napkins" represents. What is it?

my vulture egg mayonnaise just sits under napkins

Challenge 3

This is the strongest link in the chain...


Challenge 4

You'll need to solve Challenge 3 to view this challenge